Old Focals

I’ve been in the market for new optical lenses/frames for some time now.

Whilst chatting with Ted and Angie of Poketo (who, by the way, always have amazing glasses on!), they mentioned finding their frames at a quaint little shop on Green St. in Pasadena.  Appropriately named Old Focals, this shop is quite small and houses all vintage, never-been-worn frames at VERY reasonable prices. And in addition, I’ve never felt like I’ve been able to try on so many and love them all on my face! It was absurd how many I had stashed away for decision-making.

(Ted & Angie)

I tend to do things by myself a lot of the time because it’s quicker, and in times like these, it’d be really nice to have someone’s opinion you trust (ie, spouse, friends, etc.).  The guys at Old Focals were great! They’re very knowledgeable and honest, and helped turn what could have been a frustrating jaunt to Pasadena into an enjoyable day trip out and about the town.

They don’t have an online store so here are some images I took (with their permission of course) to share their glory with the world…

(PS. Please keep in mind I am not a photographer – a mere documenter of people, places and things. thank you)

And the winner is…

a vintage pair of 50s/60s TART frames – these can most commonly be seen on familiar faces such as Johnny Depp.

All I need now is to get my lens “retro”fitted.  Off to Happy Eyes…


4 thoughts on “Old Focals

  1. I am so glad you posted this! I am totally in the market for new frames as is my husband and vintage frames would be so great. I can’t wait to visit.
    Does it require anything special to get your lens in the old frames?

    By the way, I also really like the look of these new digs here. I am working on a new blog with my hubby and we’re going to use word press. Your new looks are inspiring me.
    Love from,

    • Hi Greta!
      They actually just sell the frames – they recommend a great place to go to, as well, but it’s in glendale. I’m not sure where you’re located but from long beach it’s pretty far. if you’re closer to long beach, a friend just recommended a place in town where she’s been going for years for lenses. 🙂

      glad to help. you’ll have so much fun there!


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