Name: Heather Trine

Location: Portland, OR

Born and raised in Southern Calif., my husband and I moved to Portland, OR for a change of scenery. So far, this past year has been amazing.  There is so much to do and see, the people are wonderful, and it’s stunning, to say the least.

I currently work for Aritzia after many years as a wholesale apparel rep in Los Angeles.  Open doors rarely present themselves in such a way as this did for me (as I was recruited through Instagram! Ha!) Thus, I ventured through…hoping I made the right decision. And now, months later, I’ve realized that my choice has faired well.  My job presents itself with new people, new situations, new challenges daily – heck, hourly! New people I get to shower with love, importance, and beauty.  My job is important: I get to make people feel good about themselves!

My husband, Eric, is obtaining his MFA at PNCA/OCAC in Applied Craft & Design and is on the last stint of the program, graduating in May 2013.  He keeps me motivated and inspired, and is a constant reminder that I can accomplish much!  He is a jack of all trades and excels at all he does! He is amazing and I’ve never had more fun or laughed harder with anyone! Together, we love antique shopping, perusing through flea markets and salvage yards, camping, throwing last minute dinner parties, bbqs, road trips, decorating our home, our kitty, traveling, bringing people together, and eating great food.

This blog/site is merely a collection of things I love + things I love to do + people I love to do them with.

Hope you enjoy!